You need a revolution in strategy not in email design

Effective digital marketing is not about designing beautiful emails and then blasting your customers based on an algorithm of their demographic or behavioral markers.  That’s like making a great presentation to an audience that isn’t listening.

Creativity can’t exist without strategy that is built on an understanding of what your customers are looking for.  Oomiji enables you to listen, acknowledge and respond to what your customers are saying they need.  Now, you can understand customer frustrations and know how to deal with them.

A frustration is simply an unmet need, If you understand your customers’ frustrations, you’ll understand their needs.  That’s what market research is supposed to do but when you can’t connect your research to your customers, you’re still operating based on assumptions.  Oomiji appends every response to the questions you ask of your customers to their database file.  Then, you can segment them based on their responses, regardless if it’s demographics, psychographics. their conversational text responses or any combination thereof.

Now, you’re ready to develop a strategy and can turn to the tactical task of designing emails that send the right message to your segmented groups of shared needs.

You need a CRM system that’s easy to make useful...

Why invest in an expensive CRM system that requires you to key in meaningful information?  It’s human nature to neglect the ongoing work required to keep your CRM system current and relevant to your marketing program.  That’s why the answer to “How’s your CRM system working for you?” is most often, “It’s complicated.”

There’s nothing complicated about Oomiji as every answer to the questions you ask are automatically appended to your customer database.  No key entry is required.  You can put all your energy into viewing the instant analytics and segmentation that Oomiji provides so you can learn how to engage your customers to reach your marketing goals.

Oomiji combines the best of market research and CRM and avoids the limitations and work they require.


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