POW Word Clouds

Oomiji offers a new high powered solution to generating word clouds.

POW Word Clouds gives you the power to sort through the nonsense and uncover what matters most to customers. With Oomiji's platform you can view powerful feedback instantly that allows you to act quickly on your customers conversations.

Oomiji POW Word Clouds has the features you need.

  • Show or hide words in your cloud
  • Manage the spelling of words
  • Assign Positive or Negative connotations to words
  • Combine words into phrases
  • View the verbatim conversations your customers provide
  • Segment customers to analyze different points of view

Create POW Word Clouds easily when analyzing your customer conversations within Oomiji. You can segment the intelligence in a snap to view and act on how customers feel.

Oomiji POW Word Clouds provides the power to manage the insights that can improve your marketing communications. Learn how Oomiji can help give you the insights you needs to make the right decision.

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