We set out to make the Oomiji platform better than other typical CRM and research offerings. You will see with our focus on conversations were able to provide real actionable intelligence from your customers.

See how Oomiji stacks up with other engagement tools. CRM SOFTWARE RESEARCH SOFTWARE Oomiji
Engage customers through easy ask-listen-acknowledge-respond system.
Validate strategy, tactics, or new ideas with customers in real-time.
Increase website and social media productivity to attract customers and their views.
Analyze customer views with a dynamic link between conversational text and their words.
Create a lexicon of positive, negative and neutral words that your customers like to use.
Segment your customers by any user defined criteria. Limited Limited
Ask and receive unlimited number of responses from customers - No limits!
Look forward with real-time responses to "what if" questions.
Engage customers by asking for clarifications of previous responses - shows you're listening.
Increase email productiviity through tailored, targeted communications. Limited Limited