Features Unlike Any Other CRM or Research Platform

Oomiji does what you always wished market research or CRM would do without the tedious key entry of CRM systems. Oomiji makes a seamless transition from market research to marketing communications.

Oomiji rejects the limits imposed by market research software.  There are no limits to how many responses you can receive, analyze or segment.

  • Unlimited Conversations
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Thousands of Responses
  • Segmentation of Groups

Oomiji retains all conversations gathered and appends it where it can be segmented by any criteria for targeted and tailored communications.  Oomiji offers a new paradigm for connecting with your customers.

Oomiji is text based.  Analyze customer views with a dynamic link between their words and full text conversations.

Unlike a CRM, Oomiji requires no key entry. All information gathered is automatically appended to your individual database files.

Oomiji Observations shows you the content that is of greatest interest to your customers thereby increasing open response rates and improving your marketing communications.

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