Getting Started

Ask, Learn, Segment, Engage

  1. select an Oomiji pricing and service plan.

  2. receive your login from Oomiji as soon as your plan has been processed.  Be sure to read our policies, privacy and confidentiality statement.

  3. login and create your user profile(s) for as many seats allowed in your plan.

Now, you’re ready to get started and see how Oomiji helps your business.  Whether you’re talking to consumers or your trade customers, it’s a four step process: 

ASK: Have conversations with your customers or non-customers from any database you have using Oomiji’s intuitive conversation builder.

LEARN: Make observations about your customers that will better inform you on what they believe about your product or service.  Oomiji has reinvented the word cloud to give you insights you never could have had before with open-ended questions.

SEGMENT: Instantly build communities of similar interests and needs so you can market directly to them.

ENGAGE: Download segments and communicate based on their specific interests.