A simple mistake can tell your customers you don’t care.  

We have a simple answer.

Personalizing emails can increase open rates as much as 6X but sending an email like the one above tells a customer that you don’t care enough to get even the simplest programming right.  The easy answer is to test all your email drops before you send them.  I covered up the source to save any embarrassment for the sender but it’s clear that he pulled the trigger before seeing if his email merge program actually worked.

At Oomiji, we always test before sending and personalization is only the beginning.  Oomiji can enable you to not only personalize, but also tailor your emails to each individual’s specific interests.  That’s important because consumers have come to expect personalization but are increasingly bored with generalized emails.  After all, there is no generalized consumer.  We all have curated our own interests and why not speak to those if you’re addressing people with content you think is important?

Our process is simple logic.  We ask consumers what they want to know about, what interests or frustrates them about your product or brand, append that information (data or conversational text) to their customer file and then segment them by any factor that we’ve acquired.  The result is not that different from a conversation that you might have with a single customer in which you ask questions, acknowledge their response and then give them back what they’re looking for.  They leave the conversation happy with the way they’ve been treated.  It’s why, at Oomiji, we say we ask people what they want and then give it to them.